About Us

We do trees differently.

Peachtree Arborists has been providing tree canopy maintenance, management, and consulting services to property managers and owners since 2012. Our mission has been to focus on correcting a fractured industry with a revolutionary business model that automates tree care and emergency response to lower overall budget spend and preserve your canopy. We believe saving your canopy means saving your money. Driven by technology, our modern approach is proven to make tree work easy, with progressive reporting and tracking.

We understand what it means to be confused and afraid of trees. In a scary marketplace where 95% of tree service companies don't have ISA Certified Arborists, our answer was to create a safe and trusted platform that you could pay-and-forget your trees with credentialed and monitored vendors on our platform. We have professionally certified arborists on staff that partner with each client and manage hand selected vendors to assure your trees receive the best care possible.

Award winning customer service, our success is built on how well we engage with our clients and their trees. That's why we focus on team building and culture to assure we attract and keep the best talent. At the core, we focus on sustainability and put economy first for our clients. Which is why we are chosen by some of the nations top organizations and people who care most about managing their tree canopies.

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