Municipal Tree Service

For municipal tree trimming and pruning as well as emergency storm services, Peachtree Arborists are available to help keep your city safe and beautiful.

Did you know?

High Winds

During high winds, 73% of pruned trees survive compared to 47% for unpruned trees.

Good Investment

Every dollar spent on planting and caring for a community tree yields benefits that are two to five times that investment.

Lower Crime

In Baltimore, a 10% increase in tree canopy corresponded to a 12% decrease in crime.

Municipal Tree Services

As one of the southeast's largest network of tree services, Peachtree Arborists is a recognized and accredited tree care company capable of servicing municipal tree maintenance programs of any size, as well as critical emergency storm recovery services.

Maintenance & Planning Services

  • Management Plan Development
  • Trimming & Pruning
  • Tree Removal & Stump Grinding
  • Tree Inventory & Tree Risk Assessment
  • Arboricultural Consulting Services
  • Construction Management for Tree Protection
  • Lot & Right of Way Clearing
  • Ordinance Review & Development
  • Specification Writing and Contract Management
  • Tree Protection Programs
  • Non-Spray Insect Management Programs

Emergency Storm Services

  • Emergency Logistics & Planning
  • Grapple Truck Crews
  • Push Crews
  • Bucket Truck Crews
  • ISA Certified Arborists Strike Teams
  • Crane Removals
  • Out of State infrastructure to position
tree service truck and crew


Crane and heavy equipment


certified arborist


stump grinder



Your Community Partner

In 2019, homeowners in a southwest neighborhood in Atlanta asked the city to prune trees across their neighborhood with dead or dying branches. The City of Atlanta Parks & Recreation Department reached out to Peachtree Arborists to help the community safely remove the branches. Within 6 days, Peachtree Arborists pruned over 200 trees at 35 addresses, restoring the neighborhood canopy to be safe once again. 

Southwest Atlanta tree canopy
Atlanta Parks n Rec
Case Study

Atlanta Parks & Rec

Atlanta Parks & Rec contacted Peachtree Arborists to help restore a southwest Atlanta neighborhood after years of overgrowth and storms had left many branches dead or dying. With one crew and a bucket loader, we were able to clear the area with right of way pruning in just 6 days. The residents were so happy, they came out and cheered as we left! 

What we did

  • Bucket truck prune 200 trees 

  • 6 days to complete

What we brought

  • 3 crew personnel

  • 1 bucket truck

How can Peachtree Arborists help you?