Tree Services Designed for Property Management Companies

From apartment complexes to rental properties, Peachtree Arborists offers custom plans to ensure proper upkeep of your property’s trees and consistency in your budgets.

Annual Tree Management

Pre-position Tree Crews Prior To Storms

Storm Preparedness

GIS Tree Inventory

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Tree Services for Property Managers

Peachtree Arborists is built to be the ideal partner for property managers to help maintain the beauty and safety of their apartment complexes, HOAs, and commercial properties.

Maintenance Services

  • Management Plan Development
  • Trimming & Pruning
  • Tree Removal & Stump Grinding
  • Tree Inventory & Tree Risk Assessment
  • Arboricultural Consulting Services
  • Construction Management for Tree Protection
  • Lot & Right of Way Clearing
  • Ordinance Review & Development
  • Specification Writing & Contract Management
  • Tree Protection Programs
  • Non-Spray Insect Management Programs

Emergency Storm Services

  • Emergency Logistics & Planning

  • Insurance Claims Management
  • Grapple Truck Crews

  • Push Crews

  • Bucket Truck Crews

  • ISA Certified Arborists Strike Teams

  • Crane Removals

  • Out-of-State Infrastructure to Position

Custom Property Management Packages

Peachtree Arborists can create tailor made packages for your exact property needs.

Tree Management

Annual Tree Management Plan

The acceleration of the number and intensity of natural catastrophes in recent years is increasing the pressure for property managers to change their approach to the budgeting and maintenance of trees across their properties. To help, Peachtree Arborists is now offering subscription service to insure your tree maintenance budgets stay stable.

Storm Services

Emergency Management Solutions

When storms hit, property managers often struggle to get the right help fast enough to restore their properties. Peachtree Arborists offers contracts to pre-position tree crews prior to storm events, so you can recover quickly. Offer available to anyone with no upfront cost and claims billed to insurance.  Subscription maintenance services also available.

GIS Tree Inventory

GIS Powered Tree Inventory

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are able to collect, organize and plan for tree maintenance in the most efficient, cost-effective way yet. Peachtree Arborists offers the use of the latest advancements in satellite technology to create an efficient tree inventory and actionable inspection and maintenance plan.

Melanie Brantley

Fantastic quality in the work done on our property, and Michael and his team were very friendly throughout the estimate and execution process.

Melanie Brantley - Property Manager

Fully Insured & Bonded Tree Services

Our tree workers are professionally trained and work with full liability insurance and worker's compensation.

Insured & Bonded

Your Property's Partner After The Storm

In 2017, Hurricane Irma pummeled the coast of Florida, causing over $50 billion in damages to the state, with $9.5 million for direct damage to golf courses. Peachtree Arborists assembled a team from out of state to spend one month in Naples, Florida assisting 3 country club communities and 6 golf courses to restore their property to be safe and beautiful.

Vineyards Golf Course
Vineyards logo

Vineyards Country Club in Naples, Florida contracted Peachtree Arborists to help after a severe storm caused heavy damage across their property. In just 3 weeks, we restored all 30 neighborhoods inside the country club, plus both legendary PGA golf courses to be safe and beautiful.

What we did

  • Cut and removed 2000 trees

  • Bucket truck prune 2,000 trees 

  • Hauled 80,000 yards of debris

  • Ground 500 stumps

  • 3 weeks to complete

What we brought

  • 25 crew personnel

  • 8 bucket trucks

  • 8 grapple trucks for hauling

  • 2 cranes

  • 4 stump grinders

How can Peachtree Arborists help you?