Insect and Disease Management

Disease and Insect Management Tree Services

Disease, as well as insects, will threaten tree health. Over time, as trees evolve, they develop a high degree of immunity to threatening diseases and insect. They also learn to deal with most types of environmental stress by adjusting their growth and development. However, when disease does occur it can quickly spread to adjacent trees and plants.

Diseases can be divided into two wide categories:
– Infectious or transmittable diseases which include viruses, bacteria and fungi and
– Non-infectious diseases which cause majority of problems in urban areas due to pollution, extreme temperatures, moisture and compact soil.

When you call Peachtree Arborists regarding suspected tree disease, our experts will closely examine the suspected trees before making any kind of diagnosis. Areas we will look at will include the condition of the tree’s roots, trunk and leaves. We’ll also examine the condition of the surrounding soil.

After carefully examining your landscape, we will recommend specific disease treatment to improve the condition of your trees. We will develop a custom-designed treatment program that will be developed on the basis of your site-specific parameters.

We at Peachtree Arborists provide complex approach in our care for trees and maintain tree health by pruning and creating the best conditions for growth. We support continuous prevention and treatment for disease before it reaches damaging level and becomes hazardous. Peachtree Arborists has the latest diagnostic knowledge and techniques, so you can be sure that you are leaving your tree health in the hands of the premier tree experts in the nation.

If you already have an established relationship with a local landscape and lawn care company, our arborist are willing to consult with them on your behalf so we can reach a coordinated solution which will not be harmful for any plants on your property, and to prevent further damage.

If you suspect that you have any kind of tree disease on your property, call 678-858-5541 today to speak to one of our certified arborists! The sooner you act, the quicker we can make things right!

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