Join Our Network of Tree Service Partners

Under our partner model, tree companies can expect to earn three times more than subcontractors to service our municipal arboriculture, disaster recovery and urban forestry contracts.

Did you know?

Net Profits

We operate on a revenue share after expenses, so you'll never be out of pocket for a job.


Our average payout for a crew of 5 to 6 people is $4.1k per day.

40 States

We have partners in 40 states, from Hawaii to Ohio to Florida.

Why Join?

Subcontractor models penalize small business owners. They are rarely worth it unless it is a high volume of business. Yet, there are substantial benefits—from marketing, sales, and back office support, master contractors can help feed contractors business and help them shine at what they do best.

Peachtree Arborists invented a partner model that is always mutually beneficial. As a Peachtree Arborists Tree Service Contract Partner, we aim to help you make as much or more for every job.

How It Works

Our goal is to make our partners more profitable by providing all the support services to secure work, and freeing you to do more of what you do best—keep our nation's trees beautiful and safe.

Peachtree Arborists will perform all the necessary back office and sales work to secure jobs. We partner with you to complete the work, covering all expenses. Your only risk is splitting the profits.


We Secure Jobs

We perform all marketing, sales, advertising, administration, and legal work to secure jobs at no cost to you.


You Review Job

You look over jobs submitted and decide if you can accept the work.


You Perform The Work

We cover all your expenses, including labor, workers compensation, dump fees, and fuel. Then, we split profits. 

Types of Jobs

Peachtree Arborists supports a variety of contract types. As a partner, you can choose to support a few large jobs a year, or take on long term regular maintenance contracts. You always have the opportunity to accept or reject any job.

City Pruning

We provide support for annual pruning as well as long term maintenance for municipal properties, including parks, pathways, roads and city buildings.

Golf Courses

We maintain healthy and safe tree canopies for golf courses—including several PGA courses, including annual contracts for accidental or storm damage.

Insurance Companies

Our staff of claims specialists work with dozens of insurance companies across the nation to service their customers who suffered tree damages.


We contract with homeowner associations to provide regular tree maintenance, new plantings, and coverage for fallen or damaged trees in storms.

Hotels & Resorts

We work with hotels and resorts for all their tree service needs, including annual maintenance, plantings or on call responses to storm damage.


We service individual homeowner requests, and proactively canvas residential areas hit by storms to provide immediate relief.

Frequently Asked Questions

Peachtree Arborists contracts are a blend of residential, commercial, municipal and emergency storm recovery & prep services. Contracts vary from one time jobs, to long term coverage.

We found that taking a gross percentage is too much risk and not profitable for the contractor partner (you) so we work off net profits assuring all your operating expenses are for the day are covered first. Our average payout for a crew of 5 to 6 people is $4.1k per day.

No, we want you to still operate your company and continue to be successful every way you can. Our program is designed to be successful with the majority of contractors being non-exclusive. However, if you want exclusivity, we can increase your payout.

No. We pay for the advertising, we pay for our own arborists and we handle large contracts in the seven figures. And, then we pay you for the work that you do. 

Contracts vary from day to day. Each contract you work on will be reviewed before you accept it. 

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