How To Choose A Good Arborist


An arborist is an individual who has been professionally trained in the science and art of caring for and planting trees and other types of woody plants. These professionals are often called to look at situations where trees have been damaged, to recommend certain types of care and procedures that must be done to improve their health. There is a certain process that you must go through when you choose a good arborist in your area. Let’s take a look at this procedure, one that will allow you to get the best one for the job.

What Does An Arborist Do?

These professionals will be able to come in and look at what needs to be done for your trees in order to improve their health. For example, they can determine what type of pruning would be best for the particular type of trees that you have, allowing you to do this and improve not only their appearance, but their overall health. If you need to have a tree removed, they can determine whether or not it is time, and if it is safe to leave the tree or not. This is a common question that is asked of an arborist, particularly after heavy flooding has gone through a region disrupting the soil near the roots of the trees, or if it has been extremely dry year. Finally, they are also called in for emergency tree care, typically to assess the damage and actually prune or remove the tree for you. To pick the best arborist, the questions that you ask will lead you to the best one for the job.

Questions To Ask An Arborist

There are several questions that you should first ask and arborist before you consider hiring them. You must ask if they are TCIA Accredited. If you are contacting a company, they should also have ISA certified arborists on their staff, and they should also be properly licensed and insured. Ask about their safety standards, the ones that they follow, and if they can explain the type of work that they do to you. Once they have answered your questions, you can then move on to the next step of eventually choosing the best arborist for the job you have in mind.

How Much Do They Charge?

Once you have a couple arborists in mind, it really comes down to price. How much will they charge you for the work they will provide, and is that price justified? If you can find information about each one on the Internet, perhaps reviews that have been posted about the experiences that people have had with arborist in your city, you can use this information to your advantage when deciding to choose the one that is the most affordable, or perhaps one that is more expensive that has the most positive reviews.

Following these simple guidelines, it will be easy to choose an arborist, even if there are many in your area. If you live in a small rural community, your choices will be limited, but in large urban cities, you need to ask these questions. Finding the best one is not that hard to do, and by combining the information that you receive from them, with what you find online, you will easily be able to choose the best arborist for the job to help you either improve the condition of your trees, or make a determination that it is time for them to be removed.